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 Episode 7 The Zygon Invasion

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PostSubject: Episode 7 The Zygon Invasion   Episode 7 The Zygon Invasion EmptyMon Nov 09, 2015 11:39 pm

rivia: A portrait of the First Doctor is on the wall of the UNIT safehouse.

Trivia: The Naval surgeon that Kate refers to as having dealt with in a previous Zygon invasion would be Harry Sullivan, a companion to the Fourth Doctor.

Trivia: Kate being unable to place the previous Zygon invasion to a specific decade refers to the confusion in timing of the UNIT stories. Some episodes claimed the stories took place in the 70s, while others placed them a decade later.

Kate: You left us with an impossible situation, Doctor.
The Doctor: Yes, I know, it's called "peace."

The Doctor: I'm the president of the world. I'm here to rescue people and generally establish happiness all over the place. The Doctor, Doctor Funkenstein.

Osgood: You used to wear question marks.
The Doctor: Oh, I know, yes, I did.
Osgood: They were nice. Why don't you wear them anymore?
The Doctor: Oh, I do. I've got question mark underpants.
Osgood: It makes one wonder what the question is.
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Episode 7 The Zygon Invasion
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