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 Season 2 Episode 6 The Age of Steel (2)

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Season 2 Episode 6 The Age of Steel (2) Empty
PostSubject: Season 2 Episode 6 The Age of Steel (2)   Season 2 Episode 6 The Age of Steel (2) EmptyFri Jul 31, 2015 8:30 pm

  • Rose: You're alive! (hugs Jackie) Oh, Mum, you're alive!
    Jackie: Well, I was the last time I looked. What is it, what's happened, sweetheart? What's wrong? Where did you go?
    The Doctor: Far away. That was... far away.
    Jackie: Where's Mickey?
    The Doctor: He's gone home.
  • The Doctor: (Speaking to a disabled Cyberman) Can you remember your name?
    Cyberman: Sally. Sally Phelan.
    Mrs. Moore: You're a woman.
    Cyberman: Where's Gareth?
    Mrs. Moore: Who's Gareth?
    Cyberman: He can't see me. It's unlucky - the night before.
    Mrs. Moore: You're getting married?
    Cyberman: I'm cold. I'm so cold.
    The Doctor: It's all right. You sleep now, Sally. Just go to sleep. (The Doctor uses the Sonic Screwdriver on the emotional inhibitor and the Cyberman's power dies...)
  • Cyber Controller: You are proud of your emotions?
    The Doctor: h yes.
    Cyber Controller: Then tell me, Doctor, have you known grief and rage and pain?
    The Doctor: Yes. Yes, I have.
    Cyber Controller: And they hurt?
    The Doctor: Oh yes.
    Cyber Controller: I can set you free. Would you not want that? A life without pain?
    The Doctor: You might as well kill me.
    Cyber Controller: Then I take that option.
    The Doctor: It's not yours to take; you're a Cyber Controller, you don't control me or anything with blood in it's heart!
  • Cyber Controller: I will bring peace to the world. Everlasting peace. And unity. And uniformity.
    The Doctor: And imagination? What about that? The one thing that led you here. Imagination? You're killing it dead.
    Cyber Controller: What is your name?
    The Doctor: I'm the Doctor.
    Cyber Controller: A redundant title. Doctors need not exist. Cybermen never sicken.
    The Doctor: But that's it! That's exactly the point! Oh, Lumic, you're a clever man. I'd call you a genius, except I'm in the room… but everything you've invented you did to fight your sickness. And that's brilliant. That is so human. But once you get rid of sickness and mortality, then what's there to strive for? Eh? The Cybermen won't advance. You'll just stop. You'll stay like this forever. A metal Earth with metal men and metal thoughts. Lacking the one thing that makes this planet so alive. People. Ordinary, stupid, brilliant people!
  • The Doctor: That's the key. The emotional inhibitor. If we can find the code behind it, the cancellation code, then feed it throughout the system, into every Cyberman's head, they'd realise what they are.
    Mrs. Moore: And what happens then?
    The Doctor: I think it would kill them. (pause) Can we do that?
    Mrs. Moore: We've got to. Before they kill everyone else. There's no choice, Doctor. It's got to be done.
  • Mickey: You're just making this up as you go along!
    The Doctor: Yep. But I do it brilliantly.
  • John Lumic: My everlasting children. Tell me, how does it feel?
    Cyberman: We feel nothing.
    John Lumic: But in your mind, what do you think?
    Cyberman: We think the same. We are uniform.
    John Lumic: But you think of what?
    Cyberman: We think of the humans. We think of their difference and their pain. They suffer in the skin. They must be upgraded.
  • Mickey: The Preachers know what they're doing. Ricky said he's London's most wanted.
    Ricky Smith: Yeah, that's not exactly…
    Mickey: Not exactly what?
    Ricky Smith: I'm London's most wanted… for parking tickets.
  • The Doctor: How did you get in to this, then? Rattling along with the Preachers?
    Mrs. Moore: I used to be ordinary. Worked at Cybus Industries nine to five. Till one day I find something I'm not supposed to. A file on the mainframe. All I did was read it. Then suddenly I've got men with guns knocking in the middle of the night. A life on the run. Then I found the Preachers. They needed a techie so I just sat down and taught myself everything.
  • Mickey: I know it's not easy with my face looking exactly like Ricky. But I'm a different man. I'm not replacing him. But we can remember him by fighting in his name. (Jake nods) With all those Cyber factories out there, do you think there'd be one in Paris?
    Jake Simmonds: Yeah.
    Mickey: Then let's go liberate Paris.
    Jake Simmonds: What, you and me? In a van?
    Mickey: Nothing wrong with a van. I once saved the universe with a big yellow truck.
  • Peter Tyler: Who are you?
    Rose: It's like you say. Imagine there are different worlds. Parallel worlds. Worlds with another Pete Tyler, Jackie Tyler still alive and their daughter.
  • Cyber Controller: This is the Age of Steel and I am it's creator.
  • The Doctor: Good luck. Mickey the idiot.
  • Peter Tyler: Encrypted wavelength 657 using binary 9. That's the only reason I am working for Lumic, to get information. I thought I was broadcasting to the security services, what do I get? Scooby Doo and his gang. They even got the van!
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Season 2 Episode 6 The Age of Steel (2)
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