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 Season 3 Episode 4 Daleks in Manhattan (1)

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Season 3 Episode 4 Daleks in Manhattan (1) Empty
PostSubject: Season 3 Episode 4 Daleks in Manhattan (1)   Season 3 Episode 4 Daleks in Manhattan (1) EmptyWed Aug 12, 2015 2:58 am

Solomon: And, uh, who might you be?
Martha: He's the Doctor, I'm Martha.
Solomon: A doctor? Huh. Well, we got, uh, stockbrokers, we've got a lawyer, but you're the first doctor. Neighbourhood gets classier by the day.

Foreman: One word from me and every man on this site stops work. So, go on, tell your masters that.
Diagoras: If that's your attitude, I think you should tell them yourself.
Foreman: Yeah? Well, I ain't afraid of no man in a suit (Diagoras presses the elevator call button) These… these new bosses, what's their names?
Diagoras: I think you can say they're from outta town.
Foreman: Italians?
Diagoras: Bit further than that.
Foreman: How much further?
Diagoras: Beyond your imagination.
Foreman: Oh, what's that supposed to mean? Who are they? (pause) Mr. Diagoras, who are we working for?
Diagoras: Behold your masters.
(The elevator doors open to reveal Dalek Caan, flanked by two Pig Slaves)

Martha: Daleks! I demand to be told. What is this Final Experiment? Report!
Dalek Jast: You will bear witness.
Martha: To what?
Dalek Jast: This is the dawn of a new age.
Martha: What does that mean?
Dalek Jast: We are the only four Daleks in existence. So the species must evolve. A life outside the shell. The children of Skaro must walk again!

Dalek Thay: (after scanning Martha) Superior intelligence. This one will become part of the Final Experiment.
Martha: You can't just experiment on people. It's insane! It's inhuman!
Dalek Thay: We are not human!

Laszlo: They're divided into two groups: high intelligence and low intelligence. The low intelligence are taken, become Pig Slaves like me.
Tallulah: That's not fair! You're the smartest guy I ever dated!
The Doctor: And the others?
Laszlo: They're taken to the laboratory.
The Doctor: Why, what for?
Laszlo: I don't know. The masters only call it the Final Experiment.

Tallulah: That metal thing? What was it?
The Doctor: It's called a Dalek. And it's not just metal, it's alive.
Tallulah: You're kidding me!
The Doctor: Do I look like I'm kidding? Inside that shell, there's a creature born to hate, whose only thought is to destroy everything and everyone that isn't a Dalek too. It won't stop until it's killed every human being alive.
Tallulah: But if that's not a human being, that kinda implies… it's from outer space. (off the Doctor's look) Yet again, that's a no with the kidding. Boy! Well, what's it doing here? In New York?

(Tallulah follows the Doctor into the sewers looking for her boyfriend)
The Doctor: Tallulah, you're not safe down here.
Tallulah: Then that's my problem. Come on. Which way?

Dalek Sec: The Final Experiment is greater by far.
Diagoras: But how does that involve me?
Dalek Sec: We need your flesh. Bring him to me!
Dalek Thay: Halt, this action contradicts the Dalek imperative.
Dalek Jast: Daleks are supreme, humans are weak!
Dalek Sec: But there are millions of humans and only four of us. If we are supreme, why are we not victorious? The Cult of Skaro was created by the Emperor for this very purpose; to imagine new ways of survival!
Dalek Thay: But we must remain pure!
Dalek Sec: No, Dalek Thay, our purity has brought us to extinction! We must adapt to survive. You have all made sacrifices, and now I will sacrifice myself for the greater cause. For the future of Dalek-kind. Now bring me the human!

Solomon: (to the residents of Hooverville) The stories are true. People are being taken. We lost Frank today. He was… stolen from right in front of me. No more. I swear to you, no more. Now I made a pledge that this place would be a peaceful place. But now it's time to take up arms. We need weapons; we need sentries on duty. We need men prepared to fight. We got to protect ourselves, cos you know no one else will. Now, get moving. Arm yourselves! Come on!

Tallulah: You got yourself a forward-thinking guy with that hot potato in the sharp suit.
Martha: He's not… we're not together.
Tallulah: Oh, sure you are! I've seen the way you look at him, it's obvious.
Martha: Not to him.
Tallulah: Oh… I shoulda realised. He's into musical theatre, huh? What a waste.

Tallulah: (to Martha) It's the Depression, sweetie. Your heart might break, but the show goes on. Cause if it stops, you starve.

Solomon: How 'bout you, Doctor? Where you from? I been all over, I never heard anyone talk like you. Just exactly who are you?
The Doctor: Oh, I'm just sort of… passing by.
Solomon: I'm not a fool, Doctor.
The Doctor: No. Sorry.

Dalek Caan: (looking over New York City) This day is ending. Human-kind is weak. You shelter from the dark. And yet… you have built all this.
Diagoras: That's progress. You gotta move with the times, or you get left behind.
Dalek Caan: My planet is gone. Destroyed in a great war. Yet versions of this city stand throughout history. The human race always continues.
Diagoras: We've had wars. I've been a soldier myself, and I swore then I'd survive. No matter what.
Dalek Caan: You have rare ambition.
Diagoras: I'm gonna run this city whatever it takes. By any means necessary.
Dalek Caan: You think like a Dalek.
Diagoras: I'll take that as a compliment.

Solomon: (about Diagoras' rise to power) These are strange times. Man can go from being king of the hill to the lowest of the low overnight. Guess with some folks, it works the other way round.

Martha: So, what about you, Frank? You're not from around these parts, are you?
Frank: You can talk! No, I'm Tennessee born and bred.
Martha: So how come you're here?
Frank: Uh, my daddy died. Momma couldn't afford to feed us all. So I'm the oldest, it's up to me to feed myself. So I put on my coat, hitched up here on the railroads. There's a whole lotta runaways in the camp, younger than me, from all over: Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas. Solomon keeps a look-out for us. (pause) So what about you? You're a long way from home.
Martha: Yeah, I'm just a hitcher too.

Dalek Caan: The Empire State Building must be completed in time!
Diagoras: It will be. Trust me, labour is cheap. That man can be replaced.
Dalek Caan: The plan must not fail! We calculate the gamma strike has accelerated. We need more bodies immediately!

Solomon: (to the Doctor and Martha) I will say this about Hooverville, we are truly equal society. Black, white, all the same, all starving. So you're welcome, both of you. But, tell me, Doctor, you're a man of learning, right? Explain this to me. (indicates the nearly-completed Empire State Building) That there's gonna be the tallest building in the world. How come they can do that and we got people starving in the heart of Manhattan?

Solomon: We all starving. We all got family somewhere. No stealing and no fighting, you know the rules. Thirteen years ago, I fought in the Great War. Lot of us did, and the only reason we got through, because we stuck together. No matter how bad things get, we still act like human beings. That's all we got.

The Doctor: Herbert Hoover. Thirty-first President of the USA; came to power a year ago. Up 'til then, New York was a boom town, The Roaring Twenties and then…
Martha: The Wall Street Crash, yeah. When was that, 1929?
The Doctor: Yeah, whole economy wiped out overnight. Thousands of people unemployed. All of a sudden, the huddled masses doubled in number with nowhere to go. So they ended up here in Central Park.
Martha: What, they actually live in the park? In the middle of the city?
(Martha and the Doctor walk through Hooverville)
The Doctor: Ordinary people lost their jobs. Couldn't pay the rent, they lost everything. There are places like this all over America. No one's helping them. You only come to Hooverville when there's nowhere else to go.

Laszlo (re Daleks): They'll kill you!
The Doctor: If I don't stop them, they'll kill everyone.

Martha (re Pig Men): They're following you
The Doctor: I've noticed that, thanks.

Solomon: What's the work?
Mr. Diagoras: A little trip down the sewers. Got a tunnel collapse, needs clearing and fixing. Any takers?
Solomon: A dollar a day. That's slave wage. Men don't always come back up, do they?
Mr. Diagoras: Accidents happen.
The Doctor: What do you mean, what sort of accidents?
Mr. Diagoras: You don't need the work, that's fine. Anybody else? (The Doctor raises his hand) Enough with the questions!
The Doctor: Oh no, no no no, I'm volunteering, I'll go.
Martha: I'll kill you for this (raises hand as well).

The Doctor: I suppose that makes you the boss around here.
Solomon: And uh, who might you be?
Martha: He's the Doctor, I'm Martha.
Solomon: A doctor! Well we got, stockbrokers, we got a lawyer, but you're the first doctor. Neighbourhood gets classier by the day!

Martha: I wonder what year it is, The Empire State building's not even finished yet .
The Doctor: Work in progress. Still got a couple of floors to go, and if I know my history, that makes the date somewhere around...
Martha: (picks up a newspaper) November 1st, 1930.
The Doctor: You're getting good at this.

Martha: That's so brilliant, I've always wanted to go to New York. I mean, the real New York, not the New New New New New one.
The Doctor: Well, there's the genuine article. So good they named it twice. Mind you, it was New Amsterdam originally. Harder to say twice, no wonder it didn't catch on. New Amsterdam, New Amsterdam...

Dalek Sec Hybrid: I am a human Dalek I am your future.

Martha: I am so glad to see you!
The Doctor: Yeah well you can kiss me later. You too, Frank, if you want.

The Doctor: They survived. They always survive when I lose everything.

Dalek: Daleks have no sense of worry.
Mr.Diagoras: Yeah? Lucky you.

Solomon: Doctor, when you got less than nothing you hold on to what you got.
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Season 3 Episode 4 Daleks in Manhattan (1)
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