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 Season 3 Episode 13 Last of the Time Lords

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PostSubject: Season 3 Episode 13 Last of the Time Lords   Season 3 Episode 13 Last of the Time Lords EmptyWed Aug 12, 2015 3:55 am

(Professor Docherty smacks her computer trying to get it to work)
Professor Docherty: Oh! Whoever thought we'd miss Bill Gates?

The Doctor: (While re-energizing) One thing you can't do: Stop them thinking!
(The Doctor begins to float in his normal form while The Master looks on)
The Doctor: Tell me the Human race is degenerate now... when they can do this!
(Everyone watches in awe as Martha runs to her family)
The Master: NO! (Opens fire on The Doctor)
The Doctor: (While absorbing The Master's attacks) I'm sorry...I'm so sorry.
(The Master stops attacking as Captain Jack watches)
The Master: (Adjusts his Laser Screwdriver) Then I'll kill them!
(The master points his weapon at Martha and her family, but The Doctor "pushes" the weapon aside)
The Master: You can't do this. You can't do this, It's not fair!
The Doctor: And you know what happens now.
The Master: (In a state of fear as The Doctor floats toward him) No... No! (the Master reaches the bottom of the stairs) No! (pauses) NO!
The Doctor: You wouldn't listen.
The Master: NO!
The Doctor: Cause you know, what I'm gonna say...
The Master: No... (Huddles near a corner in absolute fear of the Doctor, who slowly descends to the deck and walks toward the helpless Master, and embraces him)
The Doctor: (softly) I forgive you.

Martha: The thing is, it's like my friend Vicky. She lived with this bloke, student house, there were five of them all packed in and this bloke was called Sean, and she loved him. She absolutely adored him, spent all day long talking about him...
The Doctor: Is this going anywhere?
Martha: Yes! 'Cause he never looked at her twice. I mean, he liked her, but that was it, and she wasted years pining after him. Years of her life, 'cause whilst he was round, she never looked at anyone else, and I told her, I always said to her time and time again, I said 'get out'. So this is me... getting out.

Martha: (on why she's staying behind) I spent all these years training to be a doctor, now I've got people to look after. They saw half the planet slaughtered and they're devastated. I can't leave them.
The Doctor: Of course not. (after a long pause) Thank you. (They hug) Martha Jones, you saved the world.
Martha: Yes, I did. I spent a lot of time with you thinking I was second best, but you know what? I am good.

Captain Jack: I keep wondering, what about aging? Cos I can't die, but I keep getting older. The odd little grey hair, y'know? What happens if I live for a million years?
The Doctor: I really don't know.
Captain Jack: OK, vanity. Sorry. Yeah, can't help it. Used to be a poster boy when I was a kid, living in the Boeshane Peninsula. Tiny little place. I was the first one ever to be signed up for the Time Agency. They were so proud of me. The Face of Boe, they called me. Huh. I'll see you.
(Jack bounds off, leaving Martha and the Doctor awestruck)

(The Doctor and Martha are in Cardiff, taking Jack back to Torchwood)
Martha: Time was every single one of these people knew your name. Now they've all forgotten you.
The Doctor: Good.
Captain Jack: Back to work.
The Doctor: I really don't mind, though. Come with me.
Captain Jack: I've had plenty of time to think this past year- the year that never was- and I kept thinking about that team of mine. Like you said, Doctor. Responsibility.
The Doctor: Defending the Earth. Can't argue with that.
(The Doctor disables Jack's vortex manipulator)
Captain Jack: Hey, I need that!
The Doctor: I can't have you walking around with a time-travelling teleport. You could go anywhere. Twice. Second time to apologise.
Captain Jack: And what about me? Can you fix that? Will I ever be able to die?
The Doctor: Nothing I can do. You're an impossible thing, Jack.
Captain Jack: Been called that before.

(The Master is shot by Lucy)
The Master: Always the women.
The Doctor: I didn't see her.
The Master: Dying in your arms. Happy now?
The Doctor: You're not dying, don't be stupid. It's only a bullet. Just regenerate.
The Master: No.
The Doctor: One little bullet. Come on.
The Master: I guess you don't know me so well. I refuse.
The Doctor: Regenerate! Just regenerate! Please. Please! Just regenerate! Come on!
The Master: And spend the rest of my life imprisoned with you?
The Doctor: You've got to! Come on. It can't end like this. You and me, all the things we've done. Axons, remember the Axons? And the Daleks. We're the only two left. And no-one else… REGENERATE!
The Master: How about that? I win. Will it stop, Doctor? The drumming? Will it stop?
(The Master dies)

The Master: You still haven't answered the question. What happens to me?
The Doctor: You're my responsibility from now on. The only Time Lord left in existence.
Jack Harkness: Yeah, but you can't trust him.
The Doctor: No. The only safe place for him is the TARDIS.
The Master: You mean, you're just gonna… keep me?
The Doctor: If that's what I have to do. It's time to change. Maybe I've been wandering for too long. Now I've got someone to care for.
(The Master is shot by Lucy)

The Doctor: (to the Master) Weapon after weapon after weapon. All you do is talk and talk and talk, but over all these years and all these disasters, I've always had the greatest secret of them all. I know you. Explode those ships; you kill yourself. That's the one thing you could never do.

Martha: I told them that if everyone thinks of one word at one specific time…
The Master: Nothing will happen! Is that your weapon, prayer?
Martha: Right across the world, one word, just one thought at one moment ... but with fifteen satellites.
The Master: What?
Captain Jack: The Archangel Network.
Martha: A telepathic field, binding the whole human race together, with all of them, every single person on Earth thinking the same thing at the same time and that word ... is Doctor.

Martha: Don't you want to know what I was doing, travelling the world?
The Master: Tell me.
Martha: I told a story, that's all. No weapons, just words. I did just what the Doctor said. I went across the continents all on my own and everywhere I went, I found the people and I told them my story.

Martha: A gun in four parts scattered across the world? I mean, come on! Did you really believe that?
The Master: What do you mean?
The Doctor: As if I would ask her to kill.

Martha: I travelled across the world, from the ruins of New York, to the fusion mills of China, right across the radiation pits of Europe and everywhere I went, I saw people just like you living as slaves, but if Martha Jones became a legend, then that's wrong, because my name isn't important. There's someone else. The man who sent me out there, the man who told me to walk the Earth and his name… is the Doctor. He has saved your lives so many times and you never even knew he was there. He never stops, he never stays, he never asks to be thanked, but I've seen him. I know him. I love him, and I know what he can do.

The Master: (about the paradox machine) My masterpiece, Doctor. A living TARDIS, strong enough to hold the paradox in place, allowing the past and the future to collide in infinite majesty.
The Doctor: But you're changing history. Not just Earth, the entire universe.
The Master: I'm a Time Lord. I have that right.
The Doctor: But even then… why come all this way just to destroy?
Toclafane Sphere: We come backwards in time, all to build a brand new empire lasting one hundred trillion years.
The Master: With me as their master. Time Lord and humans combined. Haven't you always dreamt of that, Doctor?

Toclafane: But then the Master came with his wonderful time machine to bring us back home.
Professor Docherty: But that's a paradox. If you're the future of the human race, and you've come back to murder your ancestors… you should cancel yourselves out. You shouldn't exist!
Martha: And that's the paradox machine.

Martha: The Utopia Project was the last hope, trying to find a way to escape the end of everything.
Toclafane: There was no solution. No diamonds. Just the dark and the cold.

The Master: (about Utopia) You should have seen it, Doctor. Furnaces burning, The last of humanity screaming at the dark.

The Master: I took Lucy to Utopia. A Time Lord and his human companion. I took her to see the stars. Isn't that right, sweetheart?
Lucy Saxon: Trillions of years into the future, to the end of the universe.
The Master: Tell him what you saw.
Lucy Saxon: Dying. Everything dying. The whole of creation was falling apart and I thought there's no point. No point to anything. Not ever.
The Master: (to the Doctor) And it's all your fault.

The Master: Tomorrow they launch. We're opening up a rift in the Bracatolian Space. Won't see us coming. Be kind of scary.
The Doctor: Then stop.
The Master: Once the Empire is established and there's a new Gallifrey in the heavens, maybe then it stops. The drumming. The never-ending drumbeat. Ever since I was a child, I looked into the Vortex. That's when it chose me. The drumming; the call to war. Can't you hear it? Listen! It's there now, right now. Tell me you can hear it, Doctor. Tell me.
The Doctor: It's only you.
The Master: Good.

Professor Docherty: Obviously the Archangel Network would seem to be the Master's greatest weakness. Fifteen satellites all around the Earth, still transmitting. That's why there's so little resistance. It's broadcasting a telepathic signal that keeps people scared.
Milligan: We could just take them out.
Professor Docherty: We could. Fifteen ground-to-air missiles. You got any on you? Besides, any military action, the Toclafane descend.

The Master: My people, salutations on this, the eve of war. Lovely woman. But I know there's all sorts of whispers down there, stories of a child walking the Earth, giving you hope. (showing the aged Doctor) But I ask you: how much hope has this man got? (to the Doctor) Say hello, Gandalf. Except he's not that old, but he's an alien with a much greater lifespan than you stunted little apes. What if it showed? What if I suspend your capacity to regenerate? All nine hundred years of your life, Doctor, what if we could see them?

(Professor Docherty is trying to get a battered TV set to work)
Milligan: Professor Docherty?
Professor Docherty: Busy.
Milligan: They sent word ahead. I'm Tom Milligan. This is Martha Jones.
Professor Docherty: She can be the Queen of Sheba for I care, I'm still busy.
Martha: Televisions don't work anymore.
Professor Docherty: Oh, God, I miss Countdown. Never been the same since Des took over. Both Deses. What's the plural for Des? Desi?

The Master: Do you know, I remember the days when the Doctor- oh, that famous Doctor- was waging a Time War, battling Sea Devils and Axons. He sealed the rift at the Medusa Cascade single-handed. Look at him now, stealing screwdrivers. How did he ever come to this? Oh yeah, me! (laughs)

Milligan: There's a lot of people depending on you. You're a bit of a legend.
Martha: And what does the legend say?
Milligan: You sailed the Atlantic, walked across America, that you were the only person to get out of Japan alive. Martha Jones, they say, she's going to save the world. Bit late for that.

Professor Docherty: (regarding The Master) Martha, could you do it, could you actually kill him?
Martha: I've got no choice
Professor Docherty: You might be many things but you don't look like a killer to me.

(Captain Jack and some soldiers are fighting the Toclafane)
Soldier: We're getting slaughtered!
Captain Jack: Yeah, that happens to me a lot.

Captain Jack: Morning Tish! Ahh, smell that sea air! Makes me long for good-old British Fish and Chips, ha! And what do I get? Cold mashed swede. Some hotel; last time I book over the internet. (sees Tish's message and winks)

The Master: (To the Jones') Didn't you learn anything from the blessed Saint Martha? Siding with the Doctor... is a very dangerous thing to do.
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Season 3 Episode 13 Last of the Time Lords
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