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 Season 4 Episode 1 Partners in Crime

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Penny Carter: (still tied to a chair, to The Doctor and Donna) Oi! You two, you're just mad! Do you hear me? Mad! And I'm going to report you, for... madness!! (storms off, still tied to the chair)
Donna: Some people just can't take it... and some people can!

Doctor: Now, wait, wait, wait, let me ask. Do you know what happens when you put two sonic devices up against each other?
Miss Foster: No.
Doctor: Nor me! Let's find out!

The Doctor: I saw the message! The Adiposians know that breeding on Earth is illegal! Which means they have to get rid of their accomplices!
Miss Foster: I'm much more than that, Doctor - I'm their nanny!
The Doctor: Exactly! Mum and Dad have got the kids, they don't need the nanny anymore!
(Miss Foster stares just before her tractor beam shuts off and she falls to the ground)

The Doctor: Here we are, the TARDIS. It's bigger on the inside than it is on the outside...
Donna: Oh, I know all that bit. Although, frankly, you could turn the heating up.

Donna: (to a blonde woman) Listen, there's a woman going to come along. Tall blonde woman called Sylvia. Tell her, that bin there. It'll all make sense. That bin there.
(Donna bounds off. The blonde woman turns round; it's Rose Tyler. She looks around and walks away, fading as she does so)

Donna: You look older.
The Doctor: Thanks.
Donna: Still on your own?
The Doctor: Yep. Well, no. I had this friend. Martha, she was called. Martha Jones. She was brilliant. And I destroyed half her life. But she's fine. She's good. She's gone.
Donna: What about Rose?
The Doctor: Still lost. I thought you were going to travel the world?
Donna: Easier said than done. It's like, I had that one day with you and I was gonna change. I was gonna do so much. Then I woke up the next morning. Same old life. It's like you were never there. And I tried. I did try. I went to Egypt; I was going to go barefoot and everything. But then it's all bus trips and guidebooks and 'don't drink the water' and two weeks later, you're back home. It's nothing like being with you. I must have been mad turning down that offer.
The Doctor: What offer?
Donna: To come with you.
The Doctor: Come with me?
Donna: Oh, yes, please!

Miss Foster: I've been employed by the Adiposian First Family to foster a new generation since their breeding planet was lost.
The Doctor: What do you mean, lost? How do you lose a planet?
Miss Foster: Oh, the politics are none of my concern. I'm just here to take care of the children on behalf of their parents.
Donna: What, like an outer space Supernanny?
Miss Foster: Yes, if you like.
Donna: So, so those little things… they're… they're made out of fat, yeah? But that woman - Stacey Campbell - there was nothing left of her.
Miss Foster: Oh, in a crisis, the Adipose can convert bone and hair and internal organs. Makes them a little bit sick, poor things.
Donna: What about poor Stacey!?!
The Doctor: Seeding a Level Five planet is against galactic law.
Miss Foster: Are you threatening me?
The Doctor: I'm trying to help you, Matron. This is your one chance. Because, if you don't call this off, then I'll have to stop you.
Miss Foster: I hardly think you can stop bullets.

(Miss Foster and her guards confront the Doctor and Donna)
Miss Foster: Well, then. At last.
Donna: Hello.
The Doctor: Nice to meet you. I'm the Doctor.
Donna: And I'm Donna.
Miss Foster: Partners in crime. And evidently off-worlders, judging by your sonic technology.
The Doctor: (patting his pockets, then pulling out the sonic pen) Oh, yes. I've still got your… sonic pen. Nice. I like it. Sleek. It's kind of… sleek.
Donna: Oh, it's definitely sleek.

Donna: The thing is, Doctor… I believe it all now. You opened my eyes. All those amazing things out there. I believe them all. Well, apart from that replica of the Titanic flying over Buckingham Palace on Christmas Day. I mean, that's gotta be a hoax.

Donna: (when she meets the Doctor again) Oh, my God! I don't believe it! You've even got the same suit. Don't you ever change?

(Miss Foster has caught Penny Carter sneaking around the offices and has tied her to a chair)
Penny: You can't tie me up! What sort of a country do you think this is?
Miss Foster: Oh, it's a beautifully fat country and, believe me, I've travelled a long way to find obesity on this scale.
Penny: So, come on then, Miss Foster. Those pills. What are they?
Miss Foster: Well, you might as well have a scoop since you'll never see it printed. (She holds up a capsule) This is the spark of life.
Penny: And what's that supposed to mean?
Miss Foster: Officially, the capsule attracts all the fat cells and flushes them away. Well, it certainly attracts them, that part's true, but it binds the fat together and galvanises it to form a body.
Penny: What do you mean, a body?
Miss Foster: I am surprised you never asked about my name. I chose it well. Foster, as in foster mother. And these (reaches into a drawer and pulls out an Adipose creature) are my children.

Donna: (to Wilfred, about the Doctor) He's still out there somewhere. And I'll find him, Gramps, even if I have to wait a hundred years. I'll find him.

Wilfred: (about Venus) That's the only planet in the solar system named after a woman.
Donna: Good for her. How far away is that?
Wilfred: Oh, its about twenty-six million miles. But we'll get there one day. Hundred years time, we'll be striding out amongst the stars, jiggling about with all those aliens, just you wait.
Donna: You really believe in all that stuff, don't you?
Wilfred: They're all over the place these days.

Sylvia: It's not like the 1980s. No-one's unemployed these days, except you. How long did that job with Health and Safety last? Two days? And then you walk out. 'I have other plans'. Well, I've not seen them. It's no good just sitting there dreaming. No-one's gonna come along with a magic wand and make your life all better.

The Doctor: The thing about cat flaps is, they don't just let things in, they let things out as well.
Roger Davey: Like what?
The Doctor: (more to himself than Davey)The fat just walks away.

Miss Foster: (striding onto the Adipose sales floor) Excuse me everyone, if I could have your attention? On average, you're all selling forty Adipose packs a day. It's not enough. I want one hundred sales per person per day and, if not, you'll be replaced. Because, if anyone's good at trimming the fat, it's me. Now, back to it.

Miss Foster: (about the Adipose capsule) One hundred percent legal, one hundred percent effective.
Penny Carter: But can I just ask, how many people have taken the pills to date?
Miss Foster: We've already got one million customers within the Greater London area alone, but from next week we start rolling out nationwide. The future starts here, and Britain will be thin.

Miss Foster: Adipose Industries. The twenty-first century way to lose weight. No exercise, no diet, no pain. Just life-long freedom from fat. The Holy Grail of the modern age. And here it is. (She holds up a small red and white capsule) You just take one capsule, one capsule once a day for three weeks and the fat, as they say…
Adipose Advert: The fat just walks away.
Penny Carter: Excuse me, Miss Foster? If I could? I'm Penny Carter, science correspondent for the Observer. There are a thousand diet pills on the market, a thousand conmen stealing people's money. How do we know the fat isn't going straight into your bank account?
Miss Foster: Oh, Penny, if cynicism burnt off calories, we'd all be as thin as rakes.

Donna: I don't suppose you've seen a little blue box?
Wilfred: Is that slang for something?
Donna: No, I mean it. If you ever see a little blue box flying up there in the sky, you shout for me Gramps. Oh, you just shout.
Wilfred: Do y'know I don't understand half the things you say these days?
Donna: Nor me.
Wilfred: Ah, fair dos. You've had a funny old time of it lately. Poor old, what's his name? Lance, bless him. And that barmy old Christmas. I wish you'd tell us what really happened.
Donna: I know. It's just, the things I've seen. Sometimes, I think I'm going mad! I mean, even tonight, I was in a...doesn't matter. I dunno.
Wilfred: Well, you're not yourself, I'll give you that. You just, you seem to be drifting, sweetheart.
Donna: I'm not drifting. I'm waiting.
Wilfred: What for?
Donna: The right man.
Wilfred: Oh! Oh! Same old story; a man!
Donna: No! I don't mean like that! He's real, I've seen him, I've met him, just once, and then, oh, I let him fly away.

The Doctor: (mouthing from behind soundproof glass) Donna???
Donna: (also mouthing) Doctor!!!!
The Doctor: But...what? Wha... WHAT??!?
Donna: Oh! My! God!
The Doctor: But... how?
Donna: (pointing to herself) It's me!
The Doctor: Well, I can see that.
Donna: Oh this is brilliant!
The Doctor: But, what the hell are you doing there?
(Donna is just so thrilled, she waves and smiles)
The Doctor: But, but but, why, what, where, when?
Donna: You! I was looking for you!
The Doctor: What for?
Donna: (miming while the Doctor looks more and more confused) I, came here, trouble, read about it, internet, I thought, trouble equals you! And this place is weird! Pills! So I hid. Back there. Crept along. Heard this lot. Looked. You! Cos they..(On 'they', she looks towards Miss Foster, who is staring at her. As are the guards, and Penny)
Donna: Oops.
Miss Foster: (out loud) Are we interrupting you?
The Doctor: (mouthing) Run!

(Penny's tied to a chair while The Doctor runs in and up to the window to rescue Donna)
Penny: Is anyone going to tell me what is going on?
The Doctor: What are you, a journalist?
Penny: Yes.
The Doctor: Make it up.
(pulls a struggling Donna in from outside, where she was hanging, and sets her down on the floor)
Donna: I was right. It's always like this wi' you, isn't it?
The Doctor: (grinning gleefully) Oh, Yes! (Donna has a similar grin) And off we go! (they run out of the room)
Penny: (shouting after them) Oi!!! (The Doctor sticks his head back in, reaches around the door jamb with the Sonic Screwdriver, and frees her)
The Doctor: Sorry! Now Do yourself a favor. Get out!

(The Doctor is handed a note by the woman he's getting the client list from)
The Doctor: (baffled by the note): What's that?
Claire: (flirting with him): My telephone number.
The Doctor: What for?
Claire: Health and safety. You be health, I'll be safety...

The Doctor: I just want a mate.
Donna: You just want to mate?!?
The Doctor: A mate! I want A mate!
Donna: You ain't mating with me, sunshine!

Donna: (about the Adipose children) What are you going to do then? Blow them up?
The Doctor: They're just children, they can't help where they came from.
Donna: Oh, well that makes a change from last time. That Martha must have done you good.
The Doctor: Yeah, she did, yeah.. yeah, she did. She fancied me.
Donna: Mad Martha that one. Blind Martha. Charity Martha!

Sylvia Noble: It's my turn to use the car! What do you need it for?
Donna: A quick getaway.

Sylvia Noble: And what time's this?
Donna: How old am I?
Sylvia Noble: (scowling) Not old enough to use a phone.
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Season 4 Episode 1 Partners in Crime
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