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 Episode 10 Midnight

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PostSubject: Episode 10 Midnight   Episode 10 Midnight EmptySun Sep 27, 2015 6:30 pm

Hostess: Ladies and Gentlemen and variations thereupon...

The Doctor: (as he speaks, Sky copies him exactly; the two speak at the same time) Mrs Silvestry, I'm trying to understand. You've captured my speech. What for? What do you need? You need my voice in particular. The cleverest voice in the room. Why? 'Cause I'm the only one who can help? Oh, I'd love that to be true. But your eyes… are saying something else. Listen to me. Whatever you want, if it's life or form or consciousness or voice, you don't have to steal it. You can find it without hurting anyone, and I'll help you. That's a promise. So, what do you think? (Sky finishes speaking before the Doctor) Do we have a deal?

(As each character speaks, Sky copies them exactly, speaking at the same time)
The Doctor: If you try to throw her out that door, you'll have to get past me first.
Hostess: (after a pause) OK.
Biff Cane: Fine by me.
The Doctor: Oh, now you're being stupid! Just think about it. Could you actually take hold of someone and throw them out of that door?
Biff Cane: Calling me a coward?
Val Cane: Who put you in charge anyway?
Professor Hobbes: I'm sorry, but you're a Doctor of what… exactly?
Hostess: Wasn't even booked in. The rest of you, tickets in advance. He just turned up out of the blue.
Val Cane: Where from?
The Doctor: I'm just travelling. I'm a traveler, that's all.
Val Cane: Like an immigrant?
Hostess: Who were you talking to? Before you got on board, you were talking to someone. Who was that?
The Doctor: Just Donna. Just my friend.
Biff Cane: And what were you saying to her?
Val Cane: He hasn't even told us his name.
Jethro: Thing is though, Doctor… you've been loving this.
The Doctor: Oh, Jethro, not you.
Jethro: But ever since the trouble started, you've been loving it.
Professor Hobbes: It has to be said you do seem to have a certain… glee.
The Doctor: Alright, I'm interested. Yes. I can't help it. 'Cause whatever's inside her is brand new and it's fascinating.

(As each character speaks, Sky copies them exactly, speaking at the same time)
Hostess: We should throw her out.
Professor Hobbes: I beg your pardon?
Val Cane: Can we do that?
The Doctor: Don't be ridiculous.
Hostess: That thing, whatever it is, killed the driver and the mechanic and I don't think she's finished yet.
The Doctor: She can't even move.
Hostess: Look at her! Look at her eyes! She killed Joe and she killed Claude and we're next.

(As each character speaks, Sky copies them exactly, speaking at the same time)
Dee Dee: 'We must not look at goblin men.'
Biff Cane: What's that supposed to mean?
The Doctor: It's a poem. Christina Rossetti.
Dee Dee: 'We must not look at goblin men. We must not buy their fruits. Who knows upon what soil they fed, their hungry thirsty roots?'
The Doctor: Actually, I don't think that's helping.
Professor Hobbes: She's not a goblin or a monster. She's just a very sick woman.
Jethro: Maybe that's why it went for her.
Professor Hobbes: There is no it!
Jethro: Think about it though, that knocking went all the way around the bus until it found her and she was the most scared out of all of us. Maybe… that's what it needed. That's how it got in.
Professor Hobbes: For the last time, nothing can live on the surface of Midnight!
The Doctor: Professor, I'm glad you've got an absolute definition of life in the universe but perhaps the universe has ideas of its own.

The Doctor: (as he speaks, Sky copies him exactly; the two speak simultaneously) Now then, Sky. Are you Sky? Is Sky still in there? Mrs Silvestry? You know exactly what I'm going to say. How are you doing that? Roast beef. Bananas. The Medusa Cascade. (The Doctor leans forward, as does Sky) Bang! Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, TARDIS. (The Doctor leans back, as does Sky) Shamble bobble dibble dooble. Oh, Doctor, you're so handsome. Yes, I am, thank you. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O. (The Doctor stands) First she repeats, then she catches up. What's the next stage?

Jethro: That noise from outside. It's stopped.
Val Cane: Thank God for that.
Jethro: But what if it's not outside any more? What if it's inside?

Driver Joe: That is beautiful.
Mechanic Claude: Look at all those diamonds. Poisoned by the sun. Nobody can ever touch them.
The Doctor: Driver Joe, you said we took a detour.
Driver Joe: About forty clicks to the west.
The Doctor: A recognised path?
Driver Joe: No, a new one. The computer worked it out on automatic.
The Doctor: So, we're the first. This piece of ground. No one's ever been here before. Not in the whole of recorded history.
Mechanic Claude: Did you just… No, sorry. It was nothing.
The Doctor: What did you see?
Mechanic Claude: Just there. That ridge. Like, like a shadow. Just for a second.

Professor Hobbes: (about the planet Midnight) I'm the first person to research this because you see... the history is fascinating… because there is no history. There's no life in this entire system. There couldn't be. Before the leisure palace company moved in, no one had come here in all eternity. No living thing.
Jethro: But how do you know? I mean, if no one can go outside…
Val Cane: Oh, his imagination. Here we go.
The Doctor: He's got a point though.
Professor Hobbes: Exactly! We look upon this world through glass, safe inside our metal box. Even the leisure palace was lowered down from orbit. Here we are now, crossing Midnight but never touching it.

The Doctor: I'm with this friend of mine. Donna. She stayed behind in the leisure palace. You?
Sky: No, it's just me.
The Doctor: Oh, I've done plenty of that, travelling on my own. I love it. Do what you want, go anywhere.
Sky: I'm still getting used to it. I found myself single rather recently not by choice.
The Doctor: What happened?
Sky: Oh, the usual. She needed her own space, as they say. A different galaxy in fact. I reckon that's enough space, don't you?
The Doctor: Yeah. I had a friend went to a different universe.

Hostess: Complimentary earphones. Complimentary slippers. Complimentary juice pack and complimentary peanuts. I must warn you, some products may contain nuts.
The Doctor: That'll be the peanuts.

(after the Crusader 50 gets back to the Leisure Palace)
Donna: Can't imagine you without a voice.
The Doctor: Molto bene!
Donna: Molto bene!
(Donna's repetition reminds The Doctor of the creature's power)
The Doctor: (clearly haunted) No, don't do that. Don't... don't.

The Doctor: Oh, I can't wait! Allons-y!
Hostess: I'm sorry?
The Doctor: It's French for 'let's go'!
Hostess: (insincerely)Fascinating.

The Doctor: Should we take a look outside, just lift the screens a bit?
Joe: It's 100% extonic out there. We'd be vapourised.
The Doctor: Nah! Those windows are finito glass, they'll give us a couple of minutes. Go on, live a little...

Donna: Oi and you be careful, all right.
The Doctor: Nah, stuck in a big space truck with a bunch of strangers across a diamond planet called Midnight. What could possibly go wrong?

The Doctor: (to everyone on killing Sky): This little bunch of humans. What do you amount to? Murder? Because this is where you you decide who you are. Could you actually murder her, really or are you better than that?

(Donna is enjoying herself at a luxury spa when The Doctor calls her to take another adventure).
Donna: I said no.
The Doctor: Sapphire waterfall. It's a sapphire waterfall made of sapphires. There's an enormous jewel the size of a glacier. Reaches the cliffs of Oblivion and then shatters into sapphires at the edge and falls a hundred thousand feet to a crystal ravine.
Donna: I bet you say that to all the girls.
The Doctor: Oh come on, they're boarding now. It's no fun if I see it in on my own.

Hostess: Two people are dead!
The Doctor: Don't make it three.

Sky: (about the food) Well, what's this? Chicken or beef?
The Doctor: I think it's both.
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Episode 10 Midnight
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