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 Episode 11 Turn Left

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Episode 11 Turn Left Empty
PostSubject: Episode 11 Turn Left   Episode 11 Turn Left EmptySun Sep 27, 2015 7:38 pm

Fortune Teller: I see, a man, the most remarkable man. How did you meet him?
Donna: You're supposed to tell me.
Fortune Teller: I see the future, tell me the past. When did your lives cross?
Donna: It's sort of complicated. I ended up in his spaceship on my wedding day. Long story.

Fortune Teller: Turn right and never meet that man. Turn right and change the world!

Captain Mogambo: (saluting) Ma'am.
Rose: I told you, don't salute.
Captain Mogambo: Well, if you're not going to tell us your name.
Donna: What, you don't know either?
Rose: I've crossed too many different realities. Trust me, the wrong word in the wrong place can change an entire causal nexus.
Captain Mogambo: She talks like that. A lot.

Wilfred: Honestly, you two. There's aliens on the news. They took that hospital all the way to the moon, and you're banging on about raffle tickets!
Donna: Don't be daft, Gramps. It wasn't the moon. It couldn't be.
Wilfred: Yes, well, I am telling you it is getting worse. These past few years, it is like all of a sudden they suddenly know all about us. There's keen eyes up there and they're watching us and they're not friendly!

Rose: What happened? What did they find? Sorry, did they find someone?
Donna: I dunno. A bloke called the Doctor or something.
Rose: Where is he?
Donna: They took him away. He's dead. I'm sorry, did you know him? I mean, they didn't say his name. Could be any doctor.
Rose: I came so far.
Donna: It could be anyone.
Rose: What's your name?
Donna: Donna. And you?
Rose: Oh, I was just… passing by. I shouldn't even be here. This is wrong. This is wrong. This is so wrong.

UNIT Command: Trap 1 to Greyhound 15. What is your report? Over.
UNIT Soldier: The evidence says he managed to stop the creature. Some sort of red spider. Blew up the base under the barrier, flooded the whole thing. Over.
UNIT Command: And where is he now? Over.
UNIT Soldier: We found a body, sir. Over.
UNIT Command: Is it him? Over.
UNIT Soldier: I think so. He just didn't make it out in time. The Doctor is dead. Must have happened too fast for him to regenerate.

Sylvia: Oh, I know why you want a job with HC Clements, lady. 'Cause you think you'll meet a man with lots of money and your whole life will change. Well, let me tell you, sweetheart, city executives don't need temps except for practice.
Donna: Yeah, well, they haven't met me.

Donna: (as Rocco is taken to one of Britain's new 'labour camps') It'll be quiet with him gone. Still, we'll have more room...
Wilfred: (in tears and horrified) Labour camps... that's what they called them the last time.
Donna: Wha'd you mean?
Wilfred: It's happening again...
Donna: What is?

Donna: (regarding the Doctor) If he was so special, what's he doing with me?
Rose: He thought you were brilliant.
Donna: Don't be stupid.
Rose: But you are. It just took the Doctor to show you that. Simply by being with him. He did the same to me. To everyone he touches.

Rose: Something's coming, Donna. Something worse.
Donna: The whole world is stinking. What could be worse than this?
Rose: Trust me we need The Doctor more than ever. I've been pulled across from a different universe because every single universe is in danger. It's coming Donna. It's coming from across the stars and nothing can stop it.
Donna: What is?
Rose: The darkness.
Donna: Well what do you keep telling me for? What am I supposed to do?

Donna: You're always wearing the same clothes. Why won't you tell me your name?
Rose: None of this was meant to happen. There was a man. This wonderful man and he stopped it. The Titanic, the Adipose, the ATMOS. He stopped them all from happening.
Donna: That Doctor?
Rose: You knew him.
Donna: Did I? When?
Rose: I think you dream about him sometimes. It's a man in a suit. Tall, thin man, great hair. Some really great hair.

Wilfred: Sweetheart, come on. You're not gonna make the world any better by shouting at it.
Donna: I can try.

Rose: It feeds off time, by changing time, by making someone's life take a different turn. Like meetings never made, children never born, a life never loved. But with you, it's…
Donna: But I never did anything important!
Rose: Yeah, you did. One day, that thing made you turn right instead of left.
Donna: When was that?
Rose: Oh, you wouldn't remember, it was the most ordinary day in the world. But by turning right, you never met the Doctor and the whole world just changed around you.
Donna: Can you get rid of it?
Rose: No, I can't even touch it. It seems to be in a state of flux.
Donna: What does that mean?
Rose: Dunno. Sort of thing the Doctor would say.
Donna: You liar! You told me I was special! But it's not me, it's this thing. I'm just a host!
Rose: No, it's more than that. The readings are strange, it's like reality is bending around you.
Donna: Because of this thing!
Rose: No, no. We're getting separate readings from you and they've always been there. Since the day you were born.
Captain Mogambo: This is not relevant to the mission.
Rose: I thought it was just the Doctor we needed but it's the both of you. The Doctor and Donna Noble together, to stop the stars from going out.

Rose: Just remember: when you get to the junction, change the car's direction by one minute past ten.
Donna: How do I do that?
Rose: That's up to you.
Donna: Well, I just have to run up to myself and have a good argument.
Rose: I'd like to see that!

Captain Mogambo: Activate lodestone.
Rose: Good luck.
Donna: I'm ready.
Rose: One minute past ten.
Donna: 'Cause I understand now. You said I was gonna die, but you mean this whole world is gonna blink out of existence. But that's not dying, 'cause a better world is gonna take its place – the Doctor's world. And I'm still alive. That's right, isn't it? I don't die. If I change things, then I don't die. That's… that's right, isn't it?
Rose: I'm sorry.
Donna: But I can't die! I've got a future! With the Doctor! You told me!

Donna: Can't remember, it's slipping away. You know, like when you try to think of a dream and it just sort of goes…
The Doctor: Just got lucky, this thing. It's one of the Trickster's Brigade. Changes a life in tiny little ways. Most time the universe just compensates around it, but you… great big parallel world.
Donna: Hold on, you said parallel worlds are sealed off.
The Doctor: They are, but you had one created around you. Funny thing is, seems to be happening a lot to you.
Donna: How do you mean?
The Doctor: Well, the Library, and then this.
Donna: Just goes with the job, I suppose.
The Doctor: Sometimes I think there's way too much coincidence around you, Donna. I met you once, then I met your grandfather, then I met you again. In the whole wide universe, I met you for a second time. It's like something's binding us together.

Donna: Don't be so daft, I'm nothing special.
The Doctor: Yes you are, you're brilliant.
(Flashback to earlier conversation with Rose)
Rose: He thought you were brilliant.
(Back to Donna and the Doctor)
Donna: She said that.
The Doctor: Who did?
Donna: The woman... Oh, I can't remember...
The Doctor: Ah well, she never existed now.
Donna: No but she said.. the stars... she said the stars are going out.
The Doctor: But that world's gone.
Donna: No but she said it was all worlds... every world. She said the darkness is coming, even here.
The Doctor: Who was she?
Donna: I don't know...
The Doctor: What did she look like?
Donna: She was... (pauses to to think about Rose) blonde.
The Doctor: What was her name?
Donna: I don't know...
The Doctor: (slightly frantic)Donna, what was her name?
Donna: (Thinking) But she told me, to warn you. She said two words...
The Doctor: What two words, what were they? What did she say?
Donna: ...Bad Wolf.

Donna: Doctor what is it, what's Bad Wolf?
The Doctor: It's the end of the universe!
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Episode 11 Turn Left
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