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 Episode 12 Nightmare in Silver

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Episode 12 Nightmare in Silver Empty
PostSubject: Episode 12 Nightmare in Silver   Episode 12 Nightmare in Silver EmptyThu Oct 22, 2015 3:20 pm

The Doctor: Yeah, um, no. Not actually ready to leave.
Clara: Why not?
The Doctor: I don't know. Reasons.
Clara: What reasons?
The Doctor: Insects. Funny insects. I should add them to my funny insect collection.
Clara: You collect funny insects?
The Doctor: Yeah, I'm starting to. Right now.

The Doctor: Okay, as Imperial Consul, I'm putting Clara in charge. Clara, stay alive until I get back. And don't let anyone blow up this planet.
Clara: Is that something I'm likely to do?
The Doctor: Go to somewhere defensible.
Clara: Where are you going?
The Doctor: I'm getting Angie, finding Artie, and looking for funny insects. Stay alive. And you lot, no blowing up this planet!

Captain: We need to find somewhere defensible.
Clara: Where?
Captain: The Beach. Giant's Cauldron. Natty Longshoe's Comical Castle.
Clara: Real castle? Drawbridge? Moat?
Captain: Yes. But comical.
Clara: We'll go there.

Clara: I trust the Doctor.
Captain: You think he knows what he's doing?
Clara: I'm not sure I'd go that far.

Clara: Other good news?
The Doctor: Well, other good news, there are a few more repaired and reactivated Cybermen on the way, and the Cyberplanner is installing a patch for the gold thing. No, wait, that--that isn't good news, is it? Umm, so, good news... I have a very good chance of winning my chess match.
Clara: What?
The Doctor: I'll explain later. In a bit of a hurry.

The Doctor: Listen. Right now they have a much better chance of getting out of this situation alive than you do.
Clara: Which one of you said that?
The Doctor: Me. Cyberplanner. Mr. Clever. Now, if you don't mind, I have a chess game to finish, and you have to die pointlessly and very far from home. Toodle-loo.

Webley: Welcome to Webley's World of Wonders, children. Now presenting delights, delicacies, and death.

The Doctor: Ah, hello. Somebody come and untie me.
Clara: Do you think I'm pretty?
The Doctor: No. You're too short and bossy, and your nose is all funny.
Clara: Good enough.

The Doctor: Impossible girl. Mystery wrapped in an enigma squeezed into a skirt that's just a little bit too... tight.
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Episode 12 Nightmare in Silver
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