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 Episode 10 The Girl Who Waited

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Episode 10 The Girl Who Waited Empty
PostSubject: Episode 10 The Girl Who Waited   Episode 10 The Girl Who Waited EmptyTue Oct 20, 2015 11:20 pm

The Doctor: Appalapachia.
Amy: Say it again.
The Doctor: Appalapachia. Appalapachia.
Rory: Appalapachia.
The Doctor: Appalapachia.
Amy: Appalapachia. What a beautiful word.
The Doctor: Beautiful word, beautiful world.

Amy: Have you seen my phone?
The Doctor: Your phone?
Amy: Yeah.
The Doctor: Your mobile telephone. I bring you to a paradise planet two billion light-years from Earth and you want to update... Twitter?
Amy: Sunsets, spires, soaring silver colonnades. It's a camera phone.
The Doctor: On the counter by the DVDs.
Amy: Thank you.

The Doctor: Ha ha! How do I look?
Rory: Ridiculous.
The Doctor: Glasses are cool, see? (puts them on Rory) Oh, yes. Hello, handsome man.
Rory: Oh, hello.

Future Amy: And there he is, the voice of God. Survive, because no one's going to come for you. Number one lesson. You taught me that.
The Doctor: Is that really all I taught you?
Future Amy: Don't you lecture me, Blue Box Man Flying Through Time and Space on Whimsy. All I've got, all I've had for 36 years, is cold hard reality. So no, I don't have a sonic screwdriver, because I'm not off on a romp. I call it what it is, a probe. And I call my life what it is. Hell.

Future Amy: (putting on the spectacles) They look ridiculous.
Rory: That's what I told him. Still, anything beats a fez, eh?

Amy: You know when sometimes you meet someone, so beautiful. And then you actually talk to them and five minutes later they're as dull as a brick. And then there's other people, and you think, "Not bad, they're okay." And then you get to know them and--and their face just... sort of becomes them. Like their personality's written all over it. And they turn into something so beautiful.
Amy and Future Amy: Rory's the most beautiful man I've ever met.

Amy: Please... do it for him.
Future Amy: Ah, you. You're asking me to defy destiny, causality, the nexus of Time itself, for a boy.
Amy: You're Amy. He's Rory. And yes I am.

Future Amy: Right, okay, this is big news. This is temporal earthquake time. I'm officially changing my own future. Hold on to your spectacles. In my past I saw my future-self refuse to help you. And I'm changing that future and agreeing. Every law of time says that shouldn't be possible.
The Doctor: Yes, except sometimes knowing your own future is what enables you to change it. Especially if you're bloody-minded, contradictory, and completely unpredictable.
Rory: So basically, if you're Amy, then.
The Doctor: Yes. if anyone can defeat predestiny, it's your wife.

Rory: Can you unlock them?
Future Amy: Yeah. Give me a minute and your cutest smile. That's the one.
Rory: Can you stop flirting with me? You're old enough to be my...
Future Amy: I've known you my whole life. How many games of "Doctors and Nurses"...?
Rory: Shhh.
Future Amy
: Don't get coy now.

The Doctor: Look, we take this Amy, we leave ours. There can only be one Amy in the TARDIS. Which one do you want? Your choice.
Rory: This isn't fair. You're turning me into you.
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Episode 10 The Girl Who Waited
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