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 Episode 3 A Town Called Mercy

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PostSubject: Episode 3 A Town Called Mercy   Episode 3 A Town Called Mercy EmptyWed Oct 21, 2015 10:44 pm

The Girl: When I was a child, my favorite story was about a man who lived forever, but whose eyes were heavy with all he'd seen. A man who fell from the stars.

Amy: Look at this. It's a load of stone and lumps of wood. (the Doctor scans it) What is it?
The Doctor: A load of stone and lumps of wood.

Rory: Uh, the sign does say, "keep out."
The Doctor: I see "keep out" signs as suggestions more than actual orders. Like "dry clean only."

The Doctor: Anachronistic electricity, "keep out" signs, aggressive stares. Has someone been peeping at my Christmas list?

Amy: Oh, so you're not even a tiny bit curious?
The Doctor: Can I borrow your horse, please? It's official marshal business.

The Doctor: Can I borrow your horse, please? It's official marshal business.
The Preacher: He's called Joshua. It's from the Bible. It means "The Deliverer."
The Doctor: No he isn't.
The Preacher: What?
The Doctor: I speak horse. His name is Susan and he wants you to respect his life choices.

Computer: Thank you for choosing Abaraxas Security Software, incinerating intruders for three centuries.

The Doctor: We can end this right now. We can save everyone right now.
Amy: This is not how we roll and you know it. What's happened to you, Doctor? When did killing someone become an option?
The Doctor: Jex has to answer for his crimes.
Amy: And what then? Are you going to hunt down everyone who's made a gun or bullet or a bomb?
The Doctor: But they keep coming back, don't you see? Every time I negotiate, I try to understand. Well, not today, no. Today I honor the victims first. His, the Master's, the Daleks', all the people who died because of my mercy.

The Doctor: Frightened people. Give me a Dalek any day.

Kahler-Jex: In my culture, we believe that when you die, your spirit has to climb a mountain carrying the souls of everyone you wronged in your lifetime. Imagine the weight I will have to lift. The monsters I created, the people they killed. Isaac. He was my friend. Now his soul will be in my arms, too. Can you see now why I fear death? You want to hand me over, there's no shame in that. But you won't. We all carry our prisons with us. Mine is my past. Yours is your morality.
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Episode 3 A Town Called Mercy
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