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 Episode 13 Journey's End (2)

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New Doctor: All Repaired, lovely. Shh. Silent running like on submarines where they can't even drop a spanner. Don't drop a spanner -- I like Blue. What do you think?
Donna: You...Are...Bonkers.
New Doctor: Why, What's wrong with blue?
Donna: Is that what time lords do? Lop a bit off, grow a new one -- you're like worms.

The Doctor: (after regenerating back to his current form) There now... (Blows the golden particles away around his severed hand) You see! Used the regeneration energy to heal myself, but as soon as that was done, I didn't need to change. I didn't want to, why would I? Look at me. So, to stop the energy from going all the way, I siphoned off the rest into a handy, bio-matching receptacle; namely, my hand. My hand there, my handy spare hand.

Davros: (Laughs manically as Reality Bomb begins to charge) And nothing can stop the detonation! NOTHING and NO ONE! (Continues to laugh)

(Rose and the Doctor hug)
Donna: (to Jack) You can hug me if you want. No, really, you can hug me.

The Doctor: How did you work that out? You-
New Doctor: Time Lord. Part Time Lord.
Donna: Part Human. Oh, yes! That was two-way biological meta-crisis. Half Doctor, half Donna!
The Doctor: The Doctor-Donna. Just like the Ood said, remember? They saw it coming. The Doctor-Donna.

Martha: I've got the Osterhagen Key. Leave this planet and its people alone or I'll use it.
The Doctor: Osterhagen what? What's an Osterhagen Key?
Martha: There's a chain of twenty-five nuclear warheads placed in strategic points beneath the Earth's crust. If I use the Key, they detonate and… the Earth gets ripped apart.
The Doctor: WHAT? Who invented that? (as an aside, to himself, aloud) Well, someone called Osterhagen, I suppose. Martha, are you insane?
Martha: The Osterhagen Key is to be used if the suffering of the human race is so great, so without hope, that this becomes the final option.
The Doctor: That's never an option!
Martha: Don't argue with me, Doctor, 'cause there's more than that. Now, I reckon the Daleks need these twenty-seven planets for something, but what if it becomes twenty-six? What happens then? Daleks, would you risk it?
Rose: Oh, she's good.
Martha: Who's that?
Rose: My name's Rose. Rose Tyler.
Martha: Oh my God. He found you.

New Doctor: But that's brilliant.
The Doctor: Why did we never think of that?
Donna: Because you two were just Time Lords. You dumbos. Lacking that little bit of human, that gut instinct that comes hand-in-hand with planet Earth. I could think of ideas that you two couldn't dream of in a million years. Ah, the universe has been waitin' for me!

The Doctor: She took my mind into her own head, but that's a Time Lord consciousness. All that knowledge, it was killing her.
Wilfred: But she'll get better now?
The Doctor: I had to wipe her mind completely. Every trace of me or the TARDIS, anything we did together, anywhere we went had to go.
Wilfred: All those wonderful things she did.
The Doctor: I know. But that version of Donna is dead, 'cause if she remembers- even for a second- she'll burn up. You can never tell her. You can't mention me or any of it for the rest of her life.
Sylvia: But the whole world's talking about it! We traveled across space.
The Doctor: It'll just be a story. One of those Donna Noble stories where she misses it all again.
Wilfred: But she was better with you.
Sylvia: Don't say that!
Wilfred: No, she was!

The Doctor: There's never been a human-Time Lord metacrisis before now, and you know why.
Donna: Because there can't be.

(The Doctor takes Rose, Jackie and the New Doctor back to Bad Wolf Bay)
Rose: Hold on. This is the parallel universe, right?
The Doctor: You're back home.
Donna: And the walls of the world are closing again now that the reality bomb never happened. It's dimensional retroclosure. See? I really get that stuff now.
Rose: I spent all of that time trying to find you. I'm not going back now!
The Doctor: But you've got to. We saved the universe, but at a cost, and the cost is him. He destroyed the Daleks. He committed genocide. He's too dangerous to be left on his own.
New Doctor: You made me!
The Doctor: Exactly. You were born in battle, full of blood and anger and revenge. Remind you of someone? That's me when we first met, and you made me better. Now you can do the same for him.
Rose: But he's not you.
The Doctor: He needs you. That's very me.
Donna: But it's better than that, though. Don't you see what he's trying to give you? Tell her, go on.
New Doctor: I look like him. I think like him. Same memories, same thoughts, same everything. Except I've only got one heart.
Rose: Which means?
New Doctor: I'm part human. Specifically the ageing part. I'll grow old and never regenerate. I've only got one life, Rose Tyler. I can spend it with you, if you want.

Sarah Jane: (to the Doctor) You know, you act like such a lonely man. But look at you! You've got the biggest family on Earth.

Dalek Caan: The prophecy must complete.
Davros: Don't listen to him!
Dalek Caan: I have seen the end of everything Dalek and you must make it happen, Doctor.
New Doctor: He's right. 'Cause even without a reality bomb, this Dalek empire's big enough to slaughter the cosmos. They've got to be stopped!
Donna: Just wait for the Doctor.
New Doctor: I am the Doctor!

Davros: You promised me, Dalek Caan! Why did you not foresee this?
(Dalek Caan giggles manically)
The Doctor: Oh, I think he did. Something's been manipulating the time lines for ages, getting Donna Noble to the right place at the right time.
Dalek Caan: This would always have happened. I only helped, Doctor.
Davros: You betrayed the Daleks.
Dalek Caan: I saw the Daleks. What we have done throughout time and space. I saw the truth of us, creator, and I decreed no more!

Davros: Impossible. That face, after all these years.
Sarah Jane: Davros. It's been quite a while. Sarah Jane Smith. Remember?
Davros: Oh, this is meant to be! The circle of time is closing. You were there on Skaro at the very beginning of my creation.
Sarah Jane: And I've learned how to fight since then. You let the Doctor go, or this warp star, it gets opened.

New Doctor: Davros said he built the Daleks out of himself. His genetic code runs through the entire race. If I can use this to lock the Crucible's transmission onto Davros himself…
Donna: It destroys the Daleks!
New Doctor: Biggest backfire in history.

Dalek Caan: I have seen, at the time of endings, the Doctor's soul will be revealed.
The Doctor: What does that mean?
Davros: We will discover it together. Our final journey, because the ending approaches.

(Rose sees the deformed and insane Dalek Caan)
Rose: What is that thing?
The Doctor: You've met before. The last of the Cult of Skaro, but it flew into the Time War unprotected.
Davros: Caan did more than that. He saw time, its infinite complexity and majesty raging through his mind. And he saw you, both of you.
Dalek Caan: This I have foreseen, in the wild, in the wind. The Doctor will be here as witness to the end of everything. The Doctor and his precious children of time. (laughs manically) And one of them will die.

Supreme Dalek: The TARDIS has been destroyed. Now, tell me, Doctor, what do you feel? Anger? Sorrow? Despair?
The Doctor: Yeah.
Supreme Dalek: Then if emotions are so important, surely we have enhanced you.

The Doctor: We'll have to go out. 'Cause if we don't, they'll get in.
Rose: You told me nothing could get through those doors.
Captain Jack: You've got extrapolator shielding.
The Doctor: Last time we fought the Daleks, they were scavengers and hybrids and mad, but this is a fully-fledged Dalek empire at the height of its power. Experts at fighting TARDISes, they can do anything. Right now, that wooden door… is just wood.

The Doctor: The Supreme Dalek said 'vault'. As in dungeon. Cellar. Prison. You're not in charge of the Daleks, are you? They've got you locked down here in the basement like, what, a servant? Slave? Court jester?
Davros: We have… an arrangement.
The Doctor: No, no, no, no, no. No, I've got the word. You're the Daleks' PET!

Donna: Why me?
New Doctor: 'Cause you're special.
Donna: I keep telling you, I'm not.
New Doctor: No, but you are. Oh, you really don't believe that, do you? I can see, Donna, what you're thinking. All that attitude, all that lip, 'cause all this time you think you're not worth it.
Donna: Stop it!
New Doctor: Shouting at the world 'cause no-one's listening. Well, why should they?
Donna: Doctor… stop it.
New Doctor: But look at what you did. No, it's more than that. We were always heading for this. You came to the TARDIS, then you found me again. Your granddad. Your car. Your car! You parked your car right where the TARDIS was going to land. That's not coincidence. Oh, I've been blind. Something's been drawing us together for such a long time.
Donna: But you're talking like… destiny. There's no such thing. Is there?
New Doctor: It's still not finished. The pattern's not complete. The strands are still drawing together. But heading for what?

New Doctor: I must have picked up a bit of your voice, that's all. Is it? Did I? No! Oh, you are kidding me. No way! One heart. I've only got one heart. This body has only got one heart.
Donna: Like you're human.
New Doctor: Oh, that's disgusting!

(A new Doctor has grown from the regeneration energy siphoned into his hand)
Donna: Is that what Time Lords do? Lop a bit off, grow another one? You're like worms.
New Doctor: No, no, no, no, no. I'm unique. Never been another like me. 'Cause all that regeneration energy went into the hand- look at my hand, I love that hand- but then you touched it. WHAM! (Donna shrieks) Shush! Instantaneous biological metacrisis. I grew out of you. Still, could be worse.
Donna: Oi! Watch it, spaceman!
New Doctor: Oi! Watch it, Earth girl!

The Doctor: Rose, you've been in a parallel world. That world's running ahead of this universe. You've seen the future. What was it?
Rose: It's the darkness.
Donna: The stars were going out.
Rose: One by one. We looked up at the sky and they were just dying. Basically, we've been building this… travel machine, this… dimension cannon, so I could… well, so I could…
The Doctor: What?
Rose: So I could come back. (The Doctor grins) Shut up. Anyway, suddenly it started to work and the dimensions started to collapse. Not just in our world. Not just in yours, but the whole of reality. Even the Void was dead. Something is destroying everything.
Donna: In that parallel world, you said something about me.
Rose: The dimension cannon could measure time lines. It's weird, Donna, but they all seem to converge on you.
Donna: But why me? What have I ever done? I'm a temp. From Chiswick!

Sarah Jane: Those teleport things, can we use them? They've taken the Doctor to the Dalek spaceship, well, that's where we need to be.
Mickey: It's not just a teleport, it's a dimension jump. Man, this thing rips a hole in the fabric of space.
Sarah Jane: But can we use it?
Mickey: Not yet. It burns up energy. It needs half an hour between jumps.
Sarah Jane: Then put down your guns.
Mickey: What?
Sarah Jane: If you're carrying a gun, they'll shoot you dead. (comes out from hiding) Daleks, I surrender!
Dalek: All humans in this sector will be taken to the Crucible.
Mickey: She's bloody mad.
Jackie: Yeah, but, Mickey, if they've got the Doctor, then they've got Rose. (puts down her gun and comes out from hiding) And us. We surrender.

Ianto: It's a time-lock. The ultimate defense programme. Tosh was working on it. Never thought she finished it but she did. The Hub's sealed in a time bubble. Nothing can get in.
Gwen: But that means we can't get out.
Ianto: Nope. Not without unlocking that Dalek. We're trapped inside. It's all up to Jack now.

Supreme Dalek: Prepare for Universal detonation! The fleet will gather at the Crucible! All Daleks will return to shelter from the cataclysm! We will become the only life-forms in existence!!

Davros: Every atom in existence is bound by an electrical field, the Reality Bomb cancels it out; structure falls apart. That test was focused on the prisoners alone. Full transmission will dissolve every form of matter.

Wilfred: Oh, Doctor. What about you now? Who've you got? I mean, all those friends of yours.
The Doctor: They've all got someone else. Still that's fine. I'm fine.
Wilfred: I'll watch out for you, sir.
The Doctor: You can't ever tell her!
Wilfred: No no no. But every night Doctor, when it gets dark and the stars come out, I'll look up. Oh her behalf, I'll look up at the sky and think of you.
The Doctor: Thank you.

(In the TARDIS, The Doctor is forced to wipe Donna's memories. Donna doesn't want this to happen)
Donna: I want to stay.
The Doctor: Look at me. Donna, look at me.
Donna: I was gonna be with you forever.
The Doctor: I know.
Donna: Rest of my life, travelling in the TARDIS. The Doctor-Donna. No. I can't go back. Don't make me go back. Doctor, please, please don't make me go back.
The Doctor: Oh Donna Noble I'm so sorry but we've had the best of times. The best. Goodbye.
Donna: (starts crying as The Doctor touches her head): No. No, No. Please. Please. No. No. Don't. No.

Rose: (to The Doctor/New Doctor) All right, both of you answer me this. When I last stood on this beach on the worst day of my life, what was the last thing you said to me? Go on, say it!
The Doctor: I said "Rose Tyler."
Rose: Yeah and how was that sentence gonna end?
The Doctor: Does it need saying?
Rose: New Doctor? What was the end of that sentence?
(The new Doctor whispers into Rose's ear, and then a kissing scene between Rose and the new Doctor occurs)

Rose: Is anyone gonna tell us what's going on?
Donna: He (The Doctor) poured all his regeneration energy into his spare hand, I touched the hand, he grew out of that, but that fed back into me. But it just stayed dormant in my head til the synapses got that little extra spark kicking 'em into life. Thank you, Davros! Part Human, part Time Lord. And I got the best bit of the Doctor. I got his mind.
Sarah Jane: So there's three of you?!
Rose: Three doctors!?
Captain Jack: I can't tell you what I'm thinking right now!

Davros: Even when powerless a Timelord is best contained.
The Doctor: Still scared of me then.

Davros: It is time we talked Doctor, after so very long.
The Doctor: No no no no no. We're not doing the nostalgia tour. I want to know what's happening right here right now.

(As the Crucible begins to explode)
Doctor: Davros, come with me! I promise I can save you!
Davros: Never forget, Doctor! You did this! I name you, forever! You are the Destroyer, of Worlds! (Flames engulf him)
Dalek Caan: (To the Doctor) One will still die!

Supreme Dalek: Reality Bomb detonation in 20 Rels. 19...
Davros: Stand witness, Time Lord. Stand witness, humans. Your strategies have failed, your weapons are useless and, oh, the end of the universe is come.

Davros: I was wrong about your warriors, Doctor. They are pathetic.

Davros: Supreme Dalek, the time has come. Now: DETONATE THE REALITY BOMB!

Davros: (About the Reality Bomb) People, planets and stars will become dust; and the dust will become atoms and the atoms will become... nothing. And the wavelength will continue, breaking through the Rift at the heart of the Medusa Cascade into every dimension. Every parallel, every single corner of Creation. This, is my ultimate victory, Doctor; the destruction, of Reality, itself!!!

Davros: The testing, begins.
The Doctor: Testing of what?
Davros: The Reality Bomb.

Davros: (to the Doctor) Oh, that's it! The anger, the fire, the rage of a Time Lord, who butchered millions! There he is.

Dalek Caan: So cold and dark. Fire is coming; the endless flames!

Davros: (to Rose) So very full of fire, is he not? And to think, you crossed entire universes; striding from parallel to parallel; to find him again.
The Doctor: Leave her alone.
Davros: She is mine... to do as I please.

Supreme Dalek: Daleks reign supreme! All hail the Daleks!
Daleks: (Chanting) Daleks reign supreme! All hail the Daleks!
Supreme Dalek: Behold, Doctor! Behold the might of the true Dalek race!

The Doctor: I just want you to know, there are worlds out there. Safe in the sky because of her. That there are people living in the light, and singing songs of Donna Noble. A thousand, million light years away. They will never forget her, while she can never remember. But for one moment... one shining moment... she was the most important woman in the whole wide universe.
Sylvia Noble: (indignant) She still is. She's my daughter.
The Doctor: Then maybe you should tell her that once in a while.

Jackie: Had a baby boy!
New Doctor: Ah, brilliant! What'd you call him?
Jackie: Doctor.
New Doctor: Really?
Jackie: No, you plum. He's called Tony.

Davros: The Doctor. The man who keeps running. Never looking back because he dares not, out of shame. This is my final victory, Doctor. I have shown you yourself.

Davros: The man who abhors violence. Never carrying a gun. But this is the truth, Doctor. You take ordinary people and you fashion them into weapons. Behold your Children of Time transformed into murderers.

Captain Jack: Just my luck. I climb through two miles of ventilation shafts, chasing life signs on this thing, and who do I find? Mickey Mouse. (referring jokingly to Mickey Smith)
Mickey: You can talk, Captain Cheesecake
Capt. Jack: Hahahahaha! Good to see ya! And that's Beefcake!
Mickey: And that's enough hugging.

(The Doctor's hand grows into a new body)
Donna: It's You!
New Doctor: Oh, yes!
Donna: You're naked.
New Doctor: Oh, yes!

(Mickey and Jackie save Sarah Jane from the Daleks)
Sarah Jane: Mickey!
Mickey: Us Smiths got to stick together.
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Episode 13 Journey's End (2)
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